Quality and safety

Quality and safety

Materials we use


The introduction of aluminum has been a necessary choice to take a stand on the usage of alternative materials with low environmental impact. The aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy EN AW 6060 is used to create some of the structural basis of our playgrounds because not only it complies with the Criteri Minimi Ambientali (CAM) standards, but it also grants higher resistance to weather-related wear and corrosion. Moreover, in compliance with the dangerous material-related standards, the aluminum poles undergo thermosetting powder coating using only mixtures that do not contain any of the categories classified as dangerous by the “Gazzetta ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana”.
We extrude aluminum exploiting a property matrix, producing internally reinforced poles with rounded corners 90×90 mm (r. 10mm).


The tubes we use are made of steel (S235JR) and they are treated to increase their durability. In particular, to grant a higher resistance to weather conditions and mechanical interventions, the tubes are treated by thermosetting powder coating. All of the mixtures used do not contain any of the dangerous categories classified by the “Gazzetta ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana” with the codes H3XX and H4XX.

Embossed metal sheets

The embossed metal sheets we use are made of steel (S275JR) and they are stitched with a pattern to increase the platform slip resistance, making the playground safer for the child. To grant a higher resistance to weather conditions and mechanical interventions, the metal sheets undergo thermosetting powder coating process. All of the mixtures used do not contain any of the dangerous categories classified by the “Gazzetta ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana” with the codes H3XX and H4XX.

HDPE Ecodur

To become part of the global movement whose objective is to create a more sustainable world, all of our multilayered wood panels have been replaced by HDPE Ecodur ones. The interior layer of each sheet is obtained by recycled polyethylene, meaning that our playgrounds are 80% made of renewed plastic, in conformity with the Criteri Ambientali Minimi (CAM). HDPE material ensures higher resistance to abrasion, wear and external chemical agents, reducing maintenance costs.
Rails and panels’ thickness varies from 10 mm, 15 mm to 19 mm.

Rotational HDPE

The use of the rotational molding process to work polyethylene allows obtaining a smooth finish, removing the presence of bumps that could be dangerous for the child. Polyethylene material ensures high resistance to UV rays, absence of maintenance, but also the adoption of 100% recyclable material.
Slides are available in several formats (straight, helicoidal and tunnel slides) and in several highs (90 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm).

MDPE (Ekogrip-FCE)

MDPE Ekogrip®-FCE allows to better meet the growing demand concerning environmental sustainability, granting long durability. These sturdy polyethylene sheets are characterized by a top layer of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which increases the platform slip resistance thanks to the button structure.
Platforms’ thickness is 11/13 mm.

Lamellar wood

We only use Northern lamellar pine poles that are PEFC and FSC certified, to support responsible forest management and ensure transparency. To make our products last longer and to protect them from fungi, molds and natural rotting processes, the wood poles undergo an IV class Tanalith E3475 treatment, which uses not-harmful products (Copper salts and Boron based).
Boards are 35 and 22 mm deep; poles have round corners 90×90 mm (r. 10mm).


Birch plywood panels with phenolic bonding are characterized by high durability. The superficial treatment made with a phenolic resin increases not only hardness, but also water resistance, granting long-term usability.
Carousels and house platforms are made of CRPY (thickness 18 mm).

Erkules ropes

Our climbing facilities are made of Erkules six strands galvanized steel rope, coated with pp UV stabilized with PP twisted core, produced according to norm EN 1176:2018.
Climbing nets, climbing poles, climbing ladder and rope rings have 16 mm diameter; fastenings are made by galvanized threaded tubes (diameter 10 mm).

Why have we introduced the aluminum?

Market demand

Modern restyling
of structures

maintenance cost

We care about YOUR OWN safety

We care about YOUR OWN safety

The certifications


Tiegi Giochi products are designed and projected according to the most recently legislation UNI EN 1176, that regulates the general safety requirements and the test methods about playgrounds. The playgrounds are subjected to acceptance test in order to ensure the safety by Notified Body, that releases the certification.


We choose only the best quality and certificated materials. For our installation, we use Northern lamellar pine poles treatment IV class Tanalith E3475 certificated PEFC, and for boards depth 35 and 22 mm we use certificated FSC wood.

Always with you

Always with you

The warranty and the maintenance

Insurance policy

The Tiegi Giochi products are covered by insurance policy in case of accident.


The Tiegi Giochi products are covered by warranty that includes replacement of spare parts in case of manufacturing defects, according to the terms and procedures of the “Tiegi Giochi Warranty”.

Download Tiegi Giochi warranty

Maintenance book

Tiegi Giochi guarantees a long-lasting materials durability in case of constant maintenance, as indicated in “Maintenance book”.

Download the Tiegi Giochi maintenance manual

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